A Make-Do-And-Mend Peg Bag


Baby + cloth nappies x 2 adults = more laundry. More laundry = more pegs.

The above equation is probably some of the closest I get to doing algebra these days. In short, I needed a peg bag. The plastic basket which came with my last set of pegs just wasn’t cutting it.

I had recently been passed some lovely baby clothes from a church friend. In the set was a particular stripy vest, which I presumed had got mixed up with the set – it was 3-6 months, the rest of the clothes were 9-12 months. It was a bit too small for Ben.

However, it made a perfectly sized peg bag. I sewed across the middle (where I wanted the bottom of the bag to be) cut the bottom off and hung it on a hanger. Once filled with pegs, it worked perfectly.

I just hope the original owner doesn’t mind too much.


Towel Loops

I’ve lived with the towel rail in the picture below for 3 and a half years. Every single day of those three and a half years, a towel has fallen off the towel rail. Every single time, it annoyed me. Yet it’s amazing how long you can put up with something. The annoying thing is, it took me approximately half an hour to come up with a solution.

Little loops of ribbon sewed to each towel would keep the towel on the hook. Simple. Effective. Annoyingly quick to do.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a difference.