Making Thank You Cards with a Toddler

Making Thank You Cards.jpg

Last Christmas, we probably spent £20 on sending Thank You cards. I didn’t resent the money (most of it was stamps), but I thought that for the amount we could probably do something a bit more fun this year.

I really like sending Thank You cards. If a person has gone out of their way to buy, wrap and deliver a gift, they deserve a Thank You card. And who wouldn’t love a splodgy, painty, glittery Thank You card from a one-year old?

I braved the sales on Saturday to go to Hobbycraft, and purchased blank white cards, finger paints and the glittery stars. Then we came home to have some fun! I hadn’t done much finger painting with Ben, and not at home at all, but he has done lots at nursery, and knew exactly what to do.

Finger Painting.jpg

The set of paints only contained red, blue and yellow, and Ben loved mixing them together and spreading them across the card.


When finger painting got boring (and when Ben tried to eat the paint), we introduced the stars. He loved sticking these onto the card. My original plan was to get him to paint first, let the paint dry and then stick the stars on, but it didn’t go to plan. We got him to embellish some of the stars with felt pen, and the rest of the stars we stuck on when the paint was dry.

Here’s our collection of finished cards!

Finished Cards.jpg


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