Feeling Christmassy

This last weekend, we’ve brought Christmas into our home. Last Friday, there was barely a card on the dresser; this Monday, there is a tree, a wreath, baubles, stockings, cake and mince pies.

For the first time ever, we’ve splashed out on a real tree. Tim has always been keen – I’ve been the Scrooge who has resented spending the money. However, it’s been a revelation. The real tree is beautiful, smells wonderful, and somehow fills the space better. There are a couple of misshapen branches, but nothing awful. We’ll be having a real tree for ever now.

Last week, I went to Sainsbury’s, and saw that they had Christmas decorations half-price. I had wanted to update some of our Christmas decorations for a while, but, again, couldn’t justify the expense to myself. However, when you find beautiful baubles for just 75p, how can you say no? Gone is the cream-and-gold minimal scheme of the last few years, and in comes the folksy red, cream and grey, complete with a few woodland creatures.



Our stockings are up in the hallway too. Again, we’d never put them up before Christmas Eve before, but I really like them up there. A little symbolism that we are now a family of three. Ben hasn’t really noticed them yet though.


Finally, what to do with all those rejected baubles? Fill a glass jar with them of course, in the style of fancy homes magazines. In the absence of flowers, I’m loving this on our dining room table. Plus it encourages me to keep the table tidy (although there’s currently the debris from my present-wrapping session strewn across it).


So our home is almost ready for Christmas. Just a few more days at work for me, and then the fun can really begin!


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