Family Traditions

Tim and I have been married for 4 years, and were dating for two years before that. The first year we were married, we spent Christmas day in our own home. Since then, we have been at either set of parents’ homes for Christmas, with a fair amount of travelling in between.

While visiting my parents in Somerset 5 years ago, we went to Lyme Regis, a little fishing town in Dorset, on the famous Jurassic Coast. Despite it being December, we sat outside, ate fish and chips, and spent ages hunting for fossils on the sea shore. It was a brilliant day, and we’ve been back several times since.

Today, we took Ben for the first time. He toddled along the beach, smiled at the pigeons and ate fish and chips with us. After several weeks of stressful work and crazy busy-ness, it was good to have some family time. It’s also becoming a bit of a family tradition – Lyme Regis in winter.


Apologies for my hair in this picture; it was windy!

We don’t have many Christmas traditions, but I’d like to get some established. Last year, I took Ben to a pottery-painting place, where I put his handprint on a bauble (he was 3 months old). We’re going back next week to do another one. Hopefully, we’ll be able to add to the collection each year. 

I also love this idea of the Christmas Eve surprise box, and might try doing something similar. I’m looking forward to doing more crafts with Ben as he gets older, and have already pinned this site, which has loads of Christmas craft ideas. I’m having to give up my idea of a beautifully colour co-ordinated tree and aim for a more folksy scheme as decorations come home from nursery and school, but I don’t mind. 

I am aware that it’s still November, and Advent hasn’t even started yet, so I don’t want to get too excited about Christmas yet. On the other hand, preparation is key to a good Christmas, so it’s worth thinking about. I’ve bought (but not wrapped) most of our Christmas presents, but haven’t really thought about food. And I’m off to my first 2013 Christmas party next week! Image



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