Cloth Nappies Part 3: Our system

So, our system is simple. Ben wears the nappy. When it is wet or dirty (I try to change it every 2 hours or so to avoid him sitting in a wet nappy for too long), it goes into the nappy bin. Any poo gets flushed down the toilet now that he is on solids. When he was being fed purely milk, the nappy would go straight into the nappy bin. The nappy bin has a mesh bag. When the bag is full (usually around 3 days worth of nappies), I take the mesh bag out and tip all the nappies and the bag into the washing machine. The mucky Cheeky Wipes go in too.

I wash our nappies at 60C, and add Napisan to our normal washing powder. This kills any germs lingering, and also seems to cut through the nappy smell. The nappies dry on the line or on the airer if it is raining, and go back into the bag to be worn again.

I highly recommend cloth nappies, and like that we’re not adding to landfill as much as we otherwise would be. Ben seems to like them too.



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