5km – done!


A while ago, I blogged about my decision to train for a 5km. I wrote about how I’m really not a natural runner, and how every single step seemed hard. I had signed up to run a 5km run for Millie’s Trust, a charity set up to provide First Aid for parents and carers. Millie, who the trust was named after, died after a choking incident in nursery last year, and the charity was set up by her parents. I wasn’t fit enough to simply turn up and run 5km; I would have to train for it.

This morning, I, and around 40 other mums, some with buggies and prams, ran 5km as part of Pramactive’s One Big Push event. 3 laps of a local water park might not sound a huge amount, but for me, it was a challenge. Still, I completed it.

I had done all my training on a treadmill at the gym – seeing as my training time is limited to the evenings, I wasn’t very keen on running around my local area. I hadn’t really appreciated the difference between running on a treadmill and running outside. The ground, and the hills, weren’t a problem, but the cold air was! On the plus side, it was lovely to see all the signs of spring, and running around a lake isn’t a bad way to spend a morning.

Tim and Ben came along to cheer me on, and Ben held up signs to cheer me on at the end of each lap. I don’t have any photos of the signs but here’s a photo of Ben:


It was one of my aims to run a 5km, and I’ve done it. My time was good – 29:45 – although I think the distance may have been just under 5km if I’m honest! I’d like to continue at this level of fitness, but I still don’t honestly think running is for me. I feel good after a run, but I really don’t enjoy it, and it is definitely a case of mind over matter.

However, the cause is the main thing, and I managed to raise over £150 in personal sponsorship, which I think is pretty good. And I was still smiling by the time I reached the finish line.



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