Finding my pace

The date for the 5KM run is looming: it is now 8 days away. I do think I can do it; I’m not convinced I will enjoy it. I can’t imagine it being the start of an addiction to running.

I’ve done 2 runs already this week, both on the treadmill at the gym. 4km and 4.25km, both around the 30 minute mark. I’m pleased, because it means I’m on track. I’m definitely getting fitter, and I almost enjoyed the first 3km tonight. Almost.

I ran the first 3km slightly faster than my normal speed – 8.5 instead of 8. It seemed to suit me better somehow. I don’t know if it was psychological, giving me a sense of beating my own progress. Perhaps it was more in keeping with the soundtrack in my headphones: Girls Aloud, if you’re interested. Perhaps it suited the length of my legs. Perhaps it’s just my body getting fitter.


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