Thoughts on Lent

Throughout Lent, I tried to commit to reading two chapters of the Bible each night. I mused on this decision at the beginning of Lent. Now that we have reached Easter Sunday, it’s a good point to reflect on how much I committed to this decision.

I didn’t read every night, but I did read on most nights. I did read the whole of the book of Matthew. (I have to confess, I may not have read every word. When I was flicking through Ben’s children’s Bible the other day, I came across the story of the coin in the fish’s mouth, as told in Matthew 17:24-27. I had completely skipped this story in my reading.) I moved on to the book of Mark.

I really enjoyed spending some time reading the Gospels, and felt challenged by some of the things I had read, as I usually do when I’m reading the Bible. I was struck once again by the nature and number of the miracles that Jesus performed. I was struck by the constant sniping and complaints from the Pharisees as they plotted to trick him. And, of course, I was struck by His mercy and grace. Sometimes, I get so tangled up in issues and a sense of obligation that I lose sight of exactly who Jesus is: the almighty Son of God.

Reading two chapters of the Bible each night helped me focus my prayers too, as my prayers were inspired by what I had read. Practically, it also helped me to wind down at the end of each day, and it brought a sense of calm and completion to each day as it ended.

I’m planning to continue reading two chapters of the Bible each night. It’s a good discipline to get into, and I learn more and more each day about God.


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